Earn a 50 hour Equine Align Certificate for each level completed. We are cautiously reopening hands-on clinics on a trial basis. If you are not ready to sign up for one, please take the on-line course and visit us in the fall for next year's schedule. Class sizes are limited so enroll early to ensure a place in the session that you want! Tell Me More. I brought my horse, Leo, with me to Colorado this year.

I needed the company while teaching my six week equine massage class. I enjoy spendi…. Skip to content. Home Why Us? Equine Align Equine Align is gentle, hands-on bodywork that encourages a horse to release their inherent, optimal alignment by letting go of deep tensions and restrictions. The Equine Align Academy offers a comprehensive and flexible schedule of clinics to study from the founder and our skilled faculty to earn international certification to practice this art.

Learn the philosophy, approach, concepts, and methods of Equine Align. Download the manual and learn the approach to release the inherent alignment of each horse. Biomechanics videos highlight the functional anatomy of each major part of a horse — the bones and important muscles. I want more information I want to enroll.

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This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.I have over 45 years of experience owning and riding horses. They are my life and my passion.

I recently decided to put my knowledge and passion into a profession and became certified as an Equine Sports Massage Therapist. I trained through Midwest Natural Healing for Animals, www. This school was chosen because of the heavy focus on rider biomechanics, hoof balance, saddle fit, gait analysis and rehabilitative strategies to help owners rehabilitate their own horses.

So much of our horses problems are due to any and all of the above mentioned issues. What that means is that I have completed all requirements of the Level 1 certification plus I have also taken 2 additional classes. I am certified in Red Light Therapy and have completed an Advanced Equine Massage class with a deeper focus on anatomy.

Massage therapy should be an integral part of any wellness plan for all equine athletes, whether competition or backyard trail horse.

Horse owners have a vast array of professionals at their service to keep the horse in top condition, veterinarians, dentists, farriers, and chiropractors.

Massage is equally important as it can reduce and eliminate muscle soreness and tightness before an injury occurs, but can also help with the rehabilitative process should the horse undergo an injury. Midwest Natural Healing for Animals teaches the graduates how to rehabilitate, rebuild and rebalance.

Equine massage schools Gilbert

Benefits can be seen in as little as one session, as demonstrated by the image to the right. Massage therapy on a regular basis extends far beyond improving muscle tone and development. The benefits can include improvements in their digestive, respiratory, and skeletal systems, to name a few.

Skip to content. Name required. Email required. Post to Cancel.Whether you want to pamper your pet or ask a lot of your athlete, Armstrong Equine Massage is here to help!!

Provide you with an opportunity to learn the art of Armstrong Equine Massage. Develop your touch and recognition of sore muscles in equine athletes. Build your confidence and enable you to apply these skills to any horse. Enhance communication between Massage Therapist, horse owner and other equine professionals, better serving the whole horse.

Armstrong Equine Massage. Brianna Rose is our Scholarship Winner! She is taking our 1 on 1 Class this week! Want to apply for Scholarship? Stay tuned!!

See More See Less. Comment on Facebook. Register for our Iowa Class! Limited spots available. Register now to secure your spot! Armstrong Equine Massage updated their cover photo. We had such a fun week! Armstrong Equine Massage Finished up another class! Next class is August Limited spots available, register on website.In recent years, veterinary medicine has begun to adopt some of the same natural and holistic approaches that have made their way into human health care.

Some practitioners and pet owners alike have come to believe massage has therapeutic uses on animals and can be an effective part of an overall veterinary treatment. Although some states require animal massage therapists to hold certifications or licenses, Wisconsin allows anyone to provide massage under the direct supervision of a licensed veterinarian. However, those who want training can enroll in educational programs.

Enroll in one of Wisconsin's three certified animal massage schools. Anam Cara School of Equine Massage anamcaraschool. The Blue Sky Education Foundation blueskyedu. Attend local chapter meetings of the American Veterinary Medicine Association to meet vets in your area that include massage as part of their practice or who may be interested in adding it.

Because you must associate with a veterinarian to practice animal massage, finding the practitioner is critical to your career. Apply to veterinarian practices for a job as an animal massage therapist. Practices that don't have a high volume of massage therapy patients may want to hire you as a veterinary assistant for the time you are not providing massage. Alternatively, you may need work from several practices if you want to provide massage services exclusively. Interview veterinarians in much the same way they interview you.

Your career and practice are completely tied to the veterinarians you serve as you work under their supervision and instruction.

Therefore, you must feel good about your vet and your ability to work together.

Equine massage schools Gilbert

Try to pick a vet you feel can teach you and foster your career development. Eric Feigenbaum started his career in print journalism, becoming editor-in-chief of "The Daily" of the University of Washington during college and afterward working at two major newspapers.

He later did many print and Web projects including re-brandings for major companies and catalog production. Share It. Film and Video About the Author.

Equine massage schools Gilbert

Photo Credits. Copyright Leaf Group Ltd.We appreciate the support of the following member schools. Each provides a path to qualification for one or more exam. Schools may also have one or more additional programs that do not qualify you for an exam, so please check requirements. We took what we already knew how to do, teach massage, and brought it to the animal world.

We will continue the tradition of providing first class massage therapy training to individuals that have a calling to work with animals.

In our animal facility, Doggone U, we offer hour Certification Programs in both Small Animal and Equine Massage, as well as continuing education for massage practitioners. Location: MA. Substitutions may be allowed. Program qualifying for Canine Massage Exam. To qualify for the exam, take the core fascial integration program, as well as an add-on massage theory class, and hands-on massage workshop. Program qualifying for Equine Massage Exam.

Location HI, various. Our students learn to see and think about structure in a new paradigm, combining highly proficient technical skills with a heart-centered way of working.

Kindness and respect are hallmarks of our method and help us establish a profound sense of partnership with each individual horse. Our business course is based on honesty and authenticity so students develop thriving practices in their home area. Onsite classes limited to six students, lots of personal attention. Location: WA. We offer workshops for pet-owners and continuing education for professional practitioners. Take two levels to qualify for the exam. Canine Massage Certification Program.

Our courses provide each student with the most current information available. Students enter the workforce as well prepared Professional Canine Massage Therapists.

We offer a well rounded education, focusing on animal safety and a holistic approach to healing. Location: CA.

Armstrong Equine Massage

The PetMassage Training and Research Institute is dedicated to excellence of instruction for the canine massage industry. PetMassage training focuses solely on the skills and factual information that you will need to develop a confident and successful canine massage practice. PetMassage techniques and protocols are derived from a diverse collection of massage forms and EnergyWork practices, all contextualized in animal behavior. Take the Foundation Level and the Advanced Level to qualify for the exam.

Location: OH. The School of Applied Integrative Therapy Equine has an option for you if you have a desire to provide horses a therapeutic, non-invasive and wholehearted way to feel and perform their very best! Kim Kizzier Sherrodd offers a hour Equine Massage Certification Program with an integrated approach to therapeutic bodywork, encouraging each learner to find their individual skills and talents while committing to a vigorous standard of practice and ethics.

Location: WY.

Armstrong Equine Massage

RMSAAM faculty members are educated professionals with extensive training, fieldwork and teaching experience. Take two levels of their hands-on program to qualify for the exam. Location: CO. All Tallgrass courses focus on the application of Traditional Chinese Medicine theories and concepts because acupressure-massage is based on Chinese medicine. Acupressure books, charts, videos and other learning resources are available.Equissage - The Equine Massage School Teaching the application of massage techniques and massage strokes.

Previous knowledge of equine anatomy and physiology required. Prairie Winds Equine Massage Therapy College The Equine Massage Therapy College offers a comprehensive curriculum, including massage training, horse handling training, hoof and leg care, business, anatomy and physiology.

The program uses the same methods that Jo-Ann uses on Olympic level horses. Certification and continuing education hours are available. Need an equine massage therapist or interested in learning how? Here's a small sampling of formal equine massage therapy training programs.

Here is a list of colleges offering courses in equine massage therapy. Nowadays, more and more horse owners are looking beyond the realms of conventional medicine to alternative therapies when seeking health care options for their horses. By Jayne Pedigo for EquiSearch. Written by Jayne Pedigo. Equine Electro-Acuscope Therapy - a little known therapy, is used in humans as well as equines. Tightness in a horse's hind-end muscle can affect performance.

A top equine sports massage therapist explains how to recognize and fix it. Looking for alternative treatments for laminitis in horses? Joyce Harman explains the traditional Chinese approach to treating laminitis. What is equine acupuncture, how does it work, when should you consider it, and where can you find a certified veterinary acupuncturist? Looking for herbal alternatives to medical equine sedatives? Know the facts about herbal supplements before you administer them to your horse.

Horse Breeds. Horse Health Care.Dear Horse Enthusiast. Would you like to combine your love of horses with work that fulfills your heart? Is it important for you to have kindness and compassion be every bit as important as technical knowledge?

Would you thrive in a small scale learning situation where teachers have time to spend individually helping you develop your equine skills and talents? Would you enjoy the professionalism of being a certified equine practitioner and a licensed equine therapist?

The Equine Natural Movement School is your answer. We teach students how to work in the most caring, heart-centered way possible. Horses appreciate being treated with kindness and respect and this is a hallmark of our method.

We enter into our sessions with a profound sense of partnership with each individual horse. Using highly proficient technical skills with tremendous love and respect often brings about significant positive changes in horses.

Our students come with all kinds of backgrounds and our equine training supports many different kinds of knowledge. Although their backgrounds may differ, all our students share a deep love for horses.

Some students are quite knowledgeable in their fields.

Equine massage schools Gilbert

In our training we cover our material in a way that helps beginners learn well while expanding the knowledge base of people with more experience. We are a fully certified equine massage school, and we help to prepare you for your career as a licensed equine massage therapist. They tell us in times of economic uncertainty, they feel a lot better knowing they are able to earn a full or part time income on their own without relying on an outside job.

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Above all, the Equine Natural Movement School trains you for a joyful equine career working closely with horses and with owners who understand, appreciate and want your skills. What does our Equine Natural Movement work do for a horse? Nick when he was partway through the series. He went with his head high and hollowed his back.

His right side was very underdeveloped. He was a long term project. My equine chiropractor recommended this work. I was skeptical, but after the second and third sessions, Nick started rounding his back up, accepting the bit, and moving his shoulder much more.

He changed dramatically after the last session. I had a whole new horse. My dressage scores have come way up and his jumping improved.

He now lifts his entire shoulder area over the jump, not just his knees.